Monday, November 16, 2009

Civil War Records of Fredrick Ballard

A few years ago, before the prices increased, I sent for the Civil War records of Fredrick Ballard of Hancock County, Ohio. There was not much there except for his physical description...and how rare is that! When he enlisted, 5 September 1864, he was 18 years old with hazel eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, and was 5' 8" tall. He enlisted for a term of one year and was due $100.00.
He mustered out in Nashville, Tennessee on 14 June 1865. Having drawn $23.90 for clothing, he was due $66.66 2/3. That's what is handwritten! I wonder how they paid that 2/3 cent!
Fredrick was the 5th great-grandson of the first Ballards in America, William and Grace.

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